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Welcome to
Jummee's Bliss Kitchen

Corean-Californian Conscious Food Wisdom


Jummee is

Food Enlightenment


Jummee offers you pure, authentic, artisan, farmers' market

organic-sourced dishes you like to eat every day.

We love mother Earth by cultivating plant-based, gluten-free, vegetarian,

slow-Aged fermented, medicinal-Healing food. And it is yummy and delicious!!!

Your well-being is the fuel to our foundation.


We simply love to make superb food to bring out your superhuman.

We believe that eating high vibrational food
the most fundamental act of self-love.

Bring you and your loved ones BLISS and Jummee's energy transmitted

food through Private cooking class, and Private meal gatherings. 

Jummee also offers her handcrafted limited variety vegan Kimchi

at Canyon Gourmet and Country Natural Food Store in Topanga.

Follow your gut, leave full and enlightened.


Gluten Free


Hand Made


Pesticide Free


Dairy Free




Farm Sourced






No Artificial Ingredients


No Trans Fat


No Added Sugar


Cruelty Free


Enlighten Bowl
nspired by the Korean Buddhist Temple dish

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Delicious Feel Good Food


Farm to Table

Jummee only uses beyond organic, fresh, and seasonal ingredients from our local farmers' market and serve you the highest vibrational happy food


Whole Food

Jummee focuses on an Innovative, macrobiotic, slow-aging fermenting process, handcrafted and prepared with love to heal your body and soul


Yummy & Preventative

Jummee cooks with love and with the intention of food as the prevention of major disease by using medicinal elements, increasing energy and  vitality


Jummee Goes
Beyond Organic:

Plant-based, Sustainable,



and Slow-aged



Jummee is sharing her 1,000-year-old family heirloom recipes with you in each dish. She shares her food-rich heritage and inspiration from Korean Buddhist Temple cuisine while upholding biodynamic principles and indigenous wisdom to nourish your body and soul.


Delicious Kimchi Medicine

Wildly Fermented Living Probiotic Regenerator, and Immune Booster

Jumme Kimchi Support Your Immunity, Heal Your Gut-Brain, and Balance Nutritions.

It's Vegan, Biodynamically

made Limited Handcrafted

Batches with Love.

Drive to Topanga and

Stop by at

Canyon Gourmet Store

and Country Natural Food

in Topanga to Snatch it

Farm-to-Table Mung Bean Pizza


Learning fundamental principles of cooking delicious medicinal dishes based on your body institution will give you full control of your nutrition, prevent disease, and will be a greater gift to yourself.

Jummee will guide you step by step  to give you  a tool to apply food wisdom to enhance healthy life with pure bliss

 Cooking is an Act of Self Love

Jummee Offers

+Private Custom Meal

+Catering for Groups

+Food Consultation

+Food Medicine Lectures

+ Jummee's Signature

Handcrafted Vegan Kimchi

+ Hand-picked Mountain foraged Four Treasure Tea

+Medicinal Kimchi Probiotic Shot for Gut Cleansing

+ Ritualed Medicinal Broth

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Jummee Park
Spiritual Feeder, and Food Shaman


“Every Breath Counts to Be a Good Human.”

Jummee’s journey of mysterious illness and suppressed misused memories (trauma) have become the soil of her passion, curiosity, and discipline in her personal transformation over the decades. She fertilizes Eastern philosophies and Western wisdom that have been studied by leading world-class teachers to alkalize them into her unique blend of digestible holistic recipes for everyday bliss to turn on the SuperHuman Code to support conscious leaders and the community.

Jummee visions a conscious community of humanity, compassion, and love. She embodies the changes and solutions to world challenges we face every day by offering an accessible holistic lifestyle wisdom with contagious joy and play.

Jummee's Bliss Tribe Say

"I love Jummee’s Food.

It’s so special as it is made with love from her home to yours. The food recipe has been perfected through generations in her family.


It’s not only wildly delicious, it’s actually good for you and your gut health. So flavorful and magical! Highly recommend this food.

The best on the planet!"

— Simmi Goyle

Become Superhuman.
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